Find the Cause of Your Sewer Problems

Find the Cause of Your Sewer Problems

Schedule a sewer scope inspection in Niagara Falls, Kenmore, NY & surrounding areas

Are you dealing with sewer line issues? A sewer scope inspection can help you identify the problem so you can find the best solution. Henderson Home Inspections LLC does sewer inspections in Niagara Falls, Kenmore, NY and the surrounding area.

Whether you need to inspect your sewer line before selling your home or you're trying to locate a blockage, we can help. Our home inspector can run a camera through your sewer system to check for clogs and damage. Contact us today to arrange for service.

Watch out for signs of sewer problems

If there's an issue with your sewer line, you'll want to locate the problem ASAP. You may need a sewer scope inspection if:

  • There's a foul odor coming from your drains
  • You're dealing with several clogged drains
  • You hear gurgling in your sink when you flush the toilet

Henderson Home Inspections does sewer inspections for $225. Call now to learn more.